5 Reasons Why Godsend Is Heaven-Sent

Godsend is a pure blend of 10 luxurious plant-derived oils with a combined noncomedogenic rating of 0-1 (on a scale going up to 5), making it light, fast-absorbing, and non-clogging.

Bursting with a restorative array of antioxidants, vitamins, and omega 3, 6 & 9 fatty acids, Godsend is designed to work with your natural oils to help balance your skin, promote radiance, and reduce the visible signs of skin ageing.

It is suitable for all skin types and nourishes the skin’s protective lipid barrier to lock in hydration for more radiant, supple, and plump skin.

1. All the oils in Godsend are noncomedogenic with a 0-1 rating

The 10 plant-derived super oils in Godsend were purposefully selected for their skin conditioning benefits and noncomedogenic rating. The Comedogenic Scale goes from 0 – 5.

Some ingredients commonly used in face oils have a high comedogenic rating, meaning there is a significant risk they will clog pores. By contrast, the oils in Godsend have a rating of 0 – 1, the lowest you can get.

Some popular oils that we chose not to include (due to their high rating) are Marula Oil (3-4), Moringa Oil (3-4), and Evening Primrose Oil (2-3).

2. Godsend is suitable for all skin types

Lightweight in formulation but heavyweight in action, Godsend is suitable for all skin types. Dull or dehydrated skin will get the moisturisation it needs fast. Oily skin will be better equipped to balance sebum production. Sensitive skin will get a glow-up tempered by soothing, anti-red ingredients. The perfect complement to any regimen!

To incorporate Godsend into your routine, simply apply AM and/or PM as the final step in your regimen, but before SPF if using in the morning.

3. The formula is a pure, all-natural blend

Our uncompromising commitment to creating skincare you can trust rings true with the formulation of Godsend. This product is a pure, water-free blend of 100% natural super oils.

Godsend is proudly free from: silicones, parabens, sulphates (sls/sles), petroleum, mineral oils, DEA, MIT, synthetic fragrances, and any aggressive or harmful ingredients.

Godsend is also vegan friendly and not tested on animals.

 4. It’s packaged using airless pump technology

Godsend is a standout among face oils for using airless pump technology to protect the formula against air and contamination.

Airless technology means the bottle does the work of preserving the formula so Godsend can remain free from additional preservatives and perform optimally for longer.

By contrast, face oils packaged in pipette bottles are at greater risk of oxidation, which quickly turns them rancid.

Our packaging also safeguards against sunlight and bacterial contamination as the bulk is shielded within a double-walled chamber.

Best of all, we redesigned the pump to prevent leaks. Oils are notorious for leaking, but our bottle means you can carry Godsend in your handbag without fear!

5. You can use it on other parts of the body

Lovingly known as ‘food for the skin’, this ultra-luxe oil is also suitable for use on the body. Godsend can be applied to stretch marks, scars, dry patches, hands, and cuticles.

Best of all, one pump is all you need – a little goes a long way with Godsend.

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