How to Apply Active Skincare Correctly

Our products are designed to be layered. This allows you to build a targeted regimen using skincare that works in synergy to deliver anti-ageing and preventative benefits while also addressing specific concerns such as redness, congestion, dryness, pigmentation, sun damage, dullness, excess oil, and enlarged pores.

The most important thing to consider when applying your products is the order of application.

Best practice is to apply products from thinnest to thickest. This ensures the optimal delivery and effectiveness of our actives. 

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What does ‘thinnest to thickest’ mean?

When we say ‘thinnest to thickest’, we’re not only referring to the texture and feel of the products. We also mean the size of the ingredient molecules.

Thin products tend to be water-based, while thick products are oil-based.

We all know that oil and water don’t mix, so it follows that a thin, water-based serum will not penetrate through an oil-based solution.

However, oils are effective at sealing in the skin-loving actives of water-based products.

As you apply your regimen, the aim is to use successively thicker, more oil-rich products to seal in the actives beneath for optimal absorption.

For example, as a pure oil, Godsend should always be the final step in your regimen (but before SPF in the morning) because all other products will not be able to penetrate the lipid barrier it creates.

Recommended application order

Follow the steps below after cleansing to apply your products in the correct order.

  1. Eye Treatment
  2. Serum
  3. Face Treatment
  4. Moisturiser and/or Face Oil
  5. SPF (AM only)

If you are using two serums or two face treatments in your regimen and are unsure which to apply first, remember that the same rule of thinnest to thickest applies. A product inspection will help you figure out which is thicker based on texture and consistency.

If you’re still unsure, don’t worry. We’ve done the hard work for you. The guide below ranks the order in which products should be applied after cleansing both AM and PM. 

Applying in the order below is optimal for both the delivery of our actives and the effectiveness of our actives.

AM Regimen Application Order

PM Regimen Application Order

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Thank you for this fantastic “How to use/layer chart”
I refer to this chart everyday and every night when I am applying the products.
It gives me confidence and feel relaxed knowing I am using the products correctly.

Caryl Browell January 11, 2022

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