Developing exceptional results driven skincare may be the core business of Liberty Belle Rx, but it is not the only focus. We extend the passion and integrity that we bring to skincare to our broader role as a global brand. Our vision is to make the world better for today and tomorrow through our commitments to the People, the Planet and our Product.


Liberty Belle Rx takes pride in contributing to many charities and community organisations. We recently joined i=Change, a powerful international platform that helps brands give back with every sale. $1 from every online order will be donated through i=Change, where customers can select to give their donation to go to one of the following three charities:

My Room Children’s Centre to help kids with cancer and their families.
Plan International to support equality for girls through holistic programs and campaigns.​
The Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation dedicated to raising language, literacy and numeracy standards in Australia

For a full list of the many other charities and community organisations we support click here.



Liberty Belle Rx is dedicated to creating the most proven, effective and safe skincare that epitomizes excellence in all aspects of product creation.

Our products are manufactured in accordance with the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) standards and made in Australia. Liberty Belle Rx products are not tested on animals and the range is vegan friendly except for the use of beeswax in one of our SPF and retinol products.

Liberty Belle Rx is free from:
• Pore clogging silicones
• Chemical UV filters
• Parabens
• Sulfates (SLS and SLES)
• Petroleum and mineral oils
• Synthetic fragrances
• Artificial colours
• GMOs
• Formaldehyde
• Phthalates
• Animal derivatives

In addition to our focus on exceptional product development, Liberty Belle Rx prides itself on its integrity and transparency in communication about our products’ efficacy. We recently undertook a Before and After Trial in a clinically controlled environment to show the consumer only trustworthy images of the range’s results. Liberty Belle Rx is also focused on helping to educate consumers about some of the misleading advertising practices in skincare in order to help our community make more informed purchasing decisions across the entire category.



Liberty Belle Rx has a responsibility to be planet conscious and is constantly evolving itself to be even more sustainable and earth-friendly.

Some of the practices currently in place include:

• Never using cellophane wrappers to reduce wastage.

• The premium airless pump technology in the bottles have metered dosages to reduce product wastage. This also protects the longevity of active ingredients.

• Airless pump technology allows lower preservative levels in all the Liberty Belle Rx products, compared to those that come in jars and screw top bottles.

• Our bottles and tubes are purposefully made from food-grade plastic (certified as food contact safe) to protect the formulations from chemicals leaking in.

• All boxes are fully recyclable.

Liberty Belle Rx seeks to innovate and grow its sustainability practices as an ongoing part of its business plan, so that we can play a role in shaping a more beautiful and healthier planet.