The Liberty Belle Rx Before & After Trial: Emily’s Skin Results

Before & After Image
BEFORE: Emily has excess pigmentation. She was especially concerned about fine lines around her eyes and the appearance of her forehead. She also complained of dryness and dehydration.

AFTER: Emily has been following a Liberty Belle Rx skincare regimen for 16 months. She has not had any other treatments, such as a laser or injectables.

Emily is not wearing make-up or foundation the photographs.


In 2021, we started an in-clinic trial so we could put the Liberty Belle Rx products to the test.

We wanted to capture meaningful Before & After photographs that demonstrated the effects of a Liberty Belle Rx skincare routine.

Participants in the Liberty Belle Rx trial had photographs taken before they started using our products, then again at four weeks, eight weeks, and twelve weeks into the trial so we could document their progress.

All photographs taken for our in-clinic trial were subject to clinical control. We stipulated that the same facial expressions and lighting had to be used in the Before and After photos, and no images have been photoshopped or digitally altered.

Throughout the trial, it was also a requirement that participants not receive injectables, laser or energy treatments, nor use prescription medications for their skin.

Our participants only used Liberty Belle Rx products to achieve their results.

Emily is just one of many participants who volunteered to be a part of this trial.

She is a mum of two who works full-time in education. Her skincare goals were simple: reduce the appearance of fine lines and pigmentation, and improve her overall skin tone and hydration levels.

‘I was first interested in trying Liberty Belle Rx products as I was desperate to minimise the appearance of pigmentation on my forehead,’ Emily recalls. ‘This had first appeared around eight years ago and worsened throughout two pregnancies. I was very self-conscious of it and always felt the need to wear foundation to cover it up.’

Emily’s skincare journey began with an in-depth consultation with one of our experienced dermal clinicians. Emily remembers telling her clinician that ‘no matter what products I used, my skin was always very dry’, which made hydration a top priority for her.

As Emily was still breastfeeding when she began the trial, her clinician had to take this into account when devising a skincare routine. She was not given Dream Team Advanced until she had stopped breastfeeding, about halfway through the trial, as Dream Team contains Vitamin A that is not suitable for people who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Discover Emily’s skincare regimen below:

AM Routine

CLEANSER: Braveheart


SERUMS: Next Level, Glam Squad


SUN PROTECTION: Superstar Facial SPF 50+

PM Routine

CLEANSER: Braveheart


SERUM: Dream Team Advanced 1.25

FACE TREATMENT: Quiet Achiever (twice weekly)

MOISTURISER: Star QualityBefore & After Image 

Emily’s routine begins with our most powerful cleanser, Braveheart, to refresh and prep the skin for the absorption of nourishing actives. Like all our cleansers, Braveheart can also be used to remove make-up.

After this, an application of Eye Do works to address Emily’s concerns about fine lines around her eyes. In the morning, this is followed by our Vitamin C serum Next Level for brightening and antioxidant properties, then by our hydrating Vitamin B and Hyaluronic Acid serum Glam Squad. While Emily was still breastfeeding, she also used Glam Squad at night, but when she stopped breastfeeding she switched to using our Retinol serum Dream Team for its ability to help refresh and rejuvenate the skin.

Star Quality then follows to seal in the beneficial actives and provide intense moisturisation and skin protection. We chose Star Quality for Emily because it’s our richest moisturiser, and would best address the dryness she was experiencing.

In the morning, Superstar SPF 50+ is layered on top to provide that all-important sun protection to help prevent premature skin ageing. Superstar acts as a fantastic base for make-up, so Emily can layer make-up on top of her skincare routine when she needs it.

Roughly two times a week, Emily also applies Quiet Achiever before her moisturiser. This leave-on AHA exfoliator works to remove the outer layer of dead skin cells, helping to even out Emily’s skin tone and brighten her complexion.

In Emily’s own words, ‘I started to notice results in the texture and hydration levels of my skin within a few days. I also felt that my skin definitely had much more of a “glow” within those first few days.’

The improvements continued gradually as the weeks progressed. Emily noticed her pigmentation seemed fainter, but she didn’t realise how much of a change there was until she saw the Before & After photos with her own eyes.

‘I was quite shocked the first time I saw the photos,’ Emily admits. ‘I couldn’t believe just how much my pigmentation had faded, fine lines had been minimised, and my overall skin appearance was more even and refined.’

Best of all, Emily was happy to report that the improvements gave her the confidence to wear less make-up.

‘I have been able to transition to a much more lightweight foundation as I need far less coverage over my pigmentation. I have also found myself going without make-up all the time as I have had such increased confidence in the appearance of my skin.’

It’s not just Emily who has noticed the difference. Since beginning the trial, Emily says she has received multiple compliments from family and friends about how ‘glowy’ her skin looks now.

When we asked if she had any final thoughts about the trial, Emily said:

‘This trial has shown me that using a great quality skincare system can produce incredible results in a short amount of time. I had never thought that my pigmentation could fade that much. I have such increased confidence to “love the skin I’m in” and wear minimal makeup.’

To discover what Liberty Belle Rx can do for your skin, we encourage you to take our Skin Quiz or get in touch with us on 03 9826 9988. Our friendly dermal clinicians will be happy to chat about your aims and help you devise the ideal skincare routine so you can love the skin you’re in too.

*Please note that skincare results may vary from person to person.

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