incare ingredients are classified according to action – as either active or passive. Active skincare contains active ingredients, aka cosmeceuticals, which are included for their added beneficial effects on skin cells and appearance. Simple cosmetics contain passive ingredients, which do not effect this meaningful change in the skin’s quality and function.

When used as part of an effective skincare regime, actives contained within LBRx work either at the skin surface or deeper, to help improve areas such as deep hydration, skin barrier function, sun protection, brightening, exfoliation, skin cell renewal and antioxidant neutralisation of free radicals. Benefits such as these deliver added improvements in skin quality and health, including better skin tone and texture, and reduction in the appearance of pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles. Not surprisingly active skincare has been described in the industry as ‘serious skin therapy minus the fluff’.

LBRx active home skincare is an ideal first choice to improve skin health and beauty. It’s easy to use and puts you in control of your skin health. However, since the actives in LBRx have real effect you need to take it gradually and allow your skin to build up to the product.

The LBRx range of formulations is results driven and based on science that is known to work. It is a thoughtfully integrated range of products that can be used alone or layered to work together in synergy. The LBRx range can deliver complete skincare solutions across different skin types, ages and genders. Our experience shows that this range delivers unsurpassed skincare results.



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