MBBS, Dip. Anat., FRACS (Plast.)

Dr Chris Moss is a Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon who has been practising in Toorak for more than 20 years. Dr Chris Moss is a trusted name for modern face and nose surgery with an international reputation. He specialises in surgery of the face and nose and is highly sought after for his outstanding and natural-looking facelift and rhinoplasty results with minimal downtime. His knowledge of facial anatomy is unsurpassed; his sense of natural aesthetics is unmatched; his meticulous care and integrity is uncompromising. Regarded as a thought leader in the science of facial rejuvenation, Dr Chris Moss’ reputation as a Plastic Surgeon has earned Liberty Belle a devoted clientele that includes some of the world’s most recognisable faces.

Dr Chris Moss’ passion for the face also extends to the science of non-surgical cosmetic medicine treatments and active skincare for the extra benefits they can provide his discerning patients. Dr Chris Moss’ plastic surgery sits opposite Liberty Belle Skin Centre in Melbourne.

The team at Liberty Belle Skin Centre, together with Dr Chris Moss’ plastic surgery practice in Melbourne, provide a unique and leading-edge combination of both surgical and non-surgical solutions for optimal results in the areas of facial rejuvenation and beautification. Having graduated from medicine in 1987, Dr Chris Moss has worked full time in the field of plastic surgery since 1994. This included performing ground-breaking research into the anatomy of the face, and training with industry-leading plastic surgeons and dermatologists in Australia and overseas. In 1999 Dr Chris Moss commenced private practice in Plastic Surgery from his Toorak rooms.