Are you thinking of trying the Liberty Belle Rx skincare range, but aren’t sure what to expect? We know just how important it is to know what to expect when you dedicate yourself to a new skincare regimen, which is why we’ve put together a collection of Liberty Belle Rx skincare before and after results so you have the chance to see real people and their real experiences. With skincare plans suited to a variety of skin concerns, these before and after results should give you a good idea of what Liberty Belle Rx’s range of products is able to do for you.

Our Process

Our participants only used Liberty Belle Rx products to achieve these results. They did not have lasers, injectables, or radio frequency treatments, nor did they use any prescription medications for their skin (such as Hydroquinone, Retinoids, and oral or topical antibiotics).

Our Before & After photographs are clinically controlled so you can make meaningful comparisons. Our protocols require the same facial expressions and lighting be used in each photograph and, of course, no makeup (foundation or concealer). No images have been photoshopped or digitally altered. 

Unlike many other skincare companies, we do not publish the Before & After photographs that are kindly sent to us from our skincare community - despite the many truly transformative results that we receive. This is because when assessing results you can not, and should not, rely on Before & After images that are not clinically controlled.

Unfortunately, the Before & Afters that we see on the websites of many other skincare companies use photographic techniques that can deceive the viewer – such as overexposed lighting (to hide fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation and enlarged pores) and differing facial expressions (such as smiling in the Before photo to exaggerate crow’s feet and then no expression in the After photo so the skin looks smooth).

We also advise those with acne to be sceptical in regards promotional claims or images shown by skincare companies implying that cosmetic skincare alone has cleared all acne. In over 20 years of experience, and having cared for thousands of patients with acne at the Liberty Belle Skin Centre, we have never seen any other cosmetic skincare range that can sustainably clear acne. While Liberty Belle Rx has shown excellent results in improving visible symptoms of congestion, blackheads, enlarged pores and pimples, in order to avoid the complications of untreated acne, we recommend those with this medical condition consult with their doctor for optimal management.

Liberty Belle Rx is dedicated to providing the most effective results using evidence-based skincare formulations. Our participants have therefore kindly consented to their images being published by us to help educate others about the potential results achievable from effective active skincare.