What Do Moisturisers Do For Your Skin? Dr Chris Moss Explains

As the creator of the Liberty Belle Rx range, Plastic Surgeon Dr Chris Moss is passionate about providing high-quality skincare that his patients can trust for results.

This week, we asked him to sit down with us and explain why a daily moisturiser is so essential for skin health. 

Why is it important to use a moisturiser as part of a daily regimen?

Dr Moss: We all know that skin health and appearance can have a powerful impact on our sense of wellbeing and our confidence as we face up to the challenges of the day.

An effective and reliable skincare regimen is an important part of maintaining your skin’s health and appearance.

A quality moisturiser that works to address your individual skin’s needs is the keystone in any optimal regimen. 

Our philosophy at Liberty Belle Rx is that the ideal moisturiser should do more than just provide excellent hydration - it should also be anti-ageing and preventative, while helping to nourish, stimulate, and protect your skin's barrier by day and night. 

By design, our multifaceted moisturisers are formulated to be the perfect delivery vehicles for the proven hero actives that give the skin extra support, skin barrier protection, and of course, anti-ageing and preventative benefits. 


What makes a moisturiser worth the investment?

Dr Moss: When you invest in a moisturiser, you’re investing in the ingredients and science of the company behind it. The Liberty Belle Rx ethos is “no compromises in quality” – and that’s what you need from a product that goes on your face!

Concerns such as dryness, fine lines, wrinkles, poor tone and other blemishes can make skin look tired or even unhealthy, working to undermine confidence in your skin.

Using an effective moisturiser definitely helps you put your best face forward. 

Liberty Belle Rx moisturisers prevent and reduce trans-epidermal water loss (TEWL) – that is, the loss and evaporation of water through the tiny gaps in the outer layer of skin (epidermis).

Our formulations help restore the lipid barrier and act as a protective shield against free radical damage, helping avoid skin sensitivity and irritations. If you can do all of this while also delivering scientifically-proven anti-ageing actives, then it makes sense to moisturise every morning and night.


What ingredients should we look out for when purchasing?

Dr Moss: Skincare ingredients are classified according to action – as either active or passive. Active skincare contains active ingredients, which are included for their added beneficial effects on skin cells and appearance. Simple skincare contains passive ingredients only, which do not effect this meaningful change in the skin’s quality and function. However, when paired with actives, passive ingredients are still important for assisting with stability and effective delivery. 

The right actives for you will depend on what your skin needs. People should be in touch with the condition of their skin and monitor this as part of their daily regimen.

Important actives to look out for include: Peptides, Glycoprotein, Hydration Saccharides, Niacinamide, Antioxidants, Collagen Complexes, Hyaluronic Acid, Acai Sterols, Squalane, Hyaluronic Acid Crosspolymer and Panthenol.   

Pay attention to the passives too. Every ingredient added to our formulations has a function either to enhance skin health or for vital formula stability. Some brands may include ingredients such as pore-clogging silicones for superficial reasons such as the softness, feel, and texture of the product, regardless of their adverse side effects. 

Some important passives to look out for include: Tsubaki Oil, Muru Muru and Shorea Butters, Avocado Oil, and Watermelon Seed Oil.

What is the difference between budget and luxury moisturisers?

Dr Moss: There’s an old saying that “oils ain’t oils”. Well, “moisturisers ain’t moisturisers”.

Budget moisturisers usually can’t afford the cutting-edge actives in the concentrations required to effect positive change.

Beware of unsubstantiated marketing claims that are not backed by results due to a poor selection of actives or actives that are in concentrations too low to do anything.

Look at the packaging too. The Liberty Belle Rx range comes in airless bottles for a reason. The worst thing you can do is expose active ingredients to air because they oxidise – which is exactly what spoils a bottle of red wine once the cork comes off. 


The Liberty Belle Rx range of moisturisers

Liberty Belle Rx offers three moisturisers: Superhero, Power Broker, and Star Quality, as well as a face oil, Godsend

All were formulated according to the clinical expertise of Dr Moss. They provide essential daily protection and hydration while catering to the needs of different skin types and concerns. 

Like the entire LBRx range, they are free from pore-clogging silicones. A table explaining which moisturisers are suited to which skin type

Star Quality is best for normal to dry and mature skin.

Containing the unique Firming + Radiance + Collagen Complex, this cream is incredibly rich and luxurious. It is designed to provide intense hydration, repair, and firm the skin while powerfully targeting fine lines, wrinkles, and skin ageing. Its Hydration Saccharide provides up to 72 hours of moisturisation while additional benefits are afforded by nourishing Acai Sterols, Niacinamide, and Tsubaki Oil.

Star Quality has a satin finish and is deliberately unscented, though you may detect the herbaceous quality of the Echinacea Purpurea. 

Superhero is our 'all-rounder' that is suitable for all skin types. 

A lightweight hydrator, Superhero combines Hyaluronic Acid, a powerful Collagen Peptide, Niacinamide, Panthenol, Resveratrol, and Caffeine for sophisticated skin protection and anti-ageing benefits.

Superhero is fortified with Anti-Pollution and Blue Light Defence Technology to neutralise environmental pollutants and protect against the blue light emitted by digital screens, both of which can contribute to premature skin ageing. A true skin saviour for those long Zoom calls.

Superhero has a dewy finish and smells like Ylang Ylang and grapefruit with a hint of Resveratrol. 

Power Broker is ideal for red or sensitive skin. 

With powerful Patented Glycoprotein, Anti-Redness Complex, and Hyaluronic Acid, this replenishing and soothing moisturiser combats moisture loss and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. An ingenious blend of Watermelon Seed Oil, Squalane, Acai Sterols and calming Shorea and Muru Muru butters combine to provide an additional boost. 

Power Broker has a matte finish and is considered a favourite among our male patients. It is deliberately unscented, but you may detect the Acai Sterols and Watermelon Seed Oil.

For an additional boost, we recommend applying Godsend Luxe Radiance Oil on top of your moisturiser. 

Godsend is a pure blend of 10 plant-derived super oils. All oils were chosen for their skin conditioning benefits and noncomedogenic rating of 0-1 (on a scale going up to 5), making it quick-absorbing and non-clogging.

Simply wait until the moisturiser is touch-dry on your skin and apply a pump of Godsend over the top for a gorgeous, dewy finish that locks in skin-loving actives. 

Godsend is deliberately unscented. Remember that one pump goes a long way!

Finally, the question we're dying to ask...

Which moisturiser does Dr Moss use?

Dr Moss tells us that his personal favourite is Power Broker because it has a matte finish and is the most suitable for sensitive skin. 

The other co-founder of Liberty Belle Rx, Andrea Moss, tells us that she's obsessed with Star Quality. 

And don't worry, Superhero has a super fan in its corner too - Megan Gale! She loves wearing it, especially under make-up.

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