Why Exfoliation is Good for the Skin and Our Exfoliation Secret

What is exfoliation?

Exfoliation refers to the manual removal of dead skin cells from the skin’s surface. This removal of dead skin cells is an important step if you want your skin to look its best.

The buildup of debris on the epidermis worsens as we age, leading to dullness, congestion, and uneven tone and texture. Exfoliation helps accelerate the process of shedding dead skin cells so new, healthy cells can replace them.

The result?

A brighter complexion and improved skin health and appearance.

If you want to get the most out of exfoliation, we have two pieces of advice: choose the right exfoliant and don't overdo it! 

There are many different exfoliation products available. Physical scrubs are a popular choice, as many people love the feel of lathering them up and giving their face a thorough, manual scrub.

Those with breakout-prone skin might prefer an acid-based exfoliant such as a Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA) solution to target oil that causes blemishes, while dehydrated skin types might favour Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs). Physical-chemical hybrids also exist, which are great for combination skin.

Whatever your preference, when you think of exfoliants you probably imagine a product that must be rinsed off after use, but did you know that leave-on exfoliants exist too?

The secret to gentle yet powerful exfoliation

An exfoliant you can leave on your skin - really?


Not all exfoliants need to be washed off.

At Liberty Belle Rx, we wanted to create a product that provided all the benefits of a high-strength exfoliant that was still gentle and soothing on the skin.

Thus, our Quiet Achiever was born.

Quiet Achiever contains an AHA Botanical Complex and a Soy Amino Acid Complex to gently remove dead skin cells for a fresher and more radiant complexion.

These Complexes self-neutralise after a set amount of time, which means they can be left on the skin without the risk of over-exfoliation. There's no chance you'll end up with dry, irritated, or red skin from accidentally leaving your exfoliant on too long - ours is meant to stay on.

Another advantage of leave-on exfoliation is that the exfoliating agents can be blended with other ingredients to provide additional skin benefits after optimal exfoliation has been delivered.

Quiet Achiever contains a luxurious blend of Hyaluronic Acid, Panthenol, and Shorea and Muru Muru Butters for slow-release hydration, giving you all the benefits of exfoliation and deep hydration in one handy product.

There's no better feeling than waking up to find your skin is smoother, refreshed, and hydrated thanks to this little quiet achiever!

How to use Quiet Achiever Leave-On Exfoliating Gel

  1. Use Quiet Achiever once daily, either AM or PM.
  2. Apply Quiet Achiever to a cleansed face after your eye treatments and/or serums.
  3. Smooth one pump onto the skin as you would any other face cream.
  4. Seal with other face treatments, moisturisers and/or face oils.

PRO TIP: Quiet Achiever can increase the effectiveness of our Encapsulated Retinol serum, Dream Team.

For powerful anti-ageing benefits, apply your Quiet Achiever in the AM and Dream Team in the PM. This will prime your skin to absorb the Retinol active more efficiently.

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